The importance of connection

A Message from Jane C. Willhite PSI Co-Founder and CEO

Hello everyone,

This week, I’m reflecting on the importance of community. The people we choose to surround ourselves with will inevitably influence the way we think about the world around us and what we are capable of. Those in our inner circle give us a reputation to live up to, or one to live down to.

Nothing is more detrimental to personal growth than a community that does not see you as your highest self. This is why I am incredibly proud of the hundreds of thousands of positive leaders that have become a part of our global PSI graduate community over the last 48 years.

No gift is greater than the lifelong relationships formed on the foundation of growth, trust, and accountability among our amazing graduates.

Whether you just attended the PSI Basic Seminar or graduated from the Leadership Seminars over 30 years ago, I want to take this time to personally invite you to plug in to the PSI graduate community.

If you are looking to get connected in your community, reach out to your city office about upcoming events, to staff a PSI Basic Seminar or participate in a service project such as our annual giving days.

We are committed to supporting the continued growth of our graduates and offer many resources you can utilize to shift your perspective and reconnect with other like-minded leaders.

Going forward I have asked the International PSI management team to continue supporting you by sending these weekly emails with any updates on our courses and some tangible tips about applying the PSI philosophy in your daily life. If you are looking for ways to reengage with the courses or our community,

I am so delighted that so many graduates have responded to these weekly emails with their ideas and feedback and I invite you to continue sharing your voice with me and the PSI Team!


JC Willhite


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