PSI Basic Seminar

The PSI Basic Seminar is an educational course where you challenge yourself to explore, question, and discover your life, such that you expand your personal and professional effectiveness.

Prerequisites: None
Tuition: $795 USD

PSI VII Life Success Course

While the emphasis in PSI Basic is self-discovery and awareness, the Life Success Course focuses on action and results. By stretching beyond what you believe are your limits, you’ll discover that your capabilities go beyond anything you may have ever dreamed possible.

Prerequisites: Must be a graduate of the PSI Basic Seminar
Tuition: $5,800 USD

PSI Leadership Seminars

The purpose of both the Men’s and Women’s Leadership Seminar is to create leaders, empowered by their wholeness as men and women, and committed to living their vision by actively contributing to the world.

Prerequisites: Must be a graduate of the PSI Life Success Course
Tuition: $6,700 USD

Race to Abundance

Whether you’re a successful CEO or just starting out, the secret to expanding the abundance in your life is taking risks! There’s a difference in taking a risk and being overly risky… in the Race to Abundance, you’ll learn from the masters on how to craft the life of your dreams!

Prerequisites: Must be a graduate of the PSI Leadership Seminar and/or Pacesetters Leadership Dynamics
Tuition: $7,500 USD per player before July 30th

Next 10 – Momentum

Exponentially expand your personal, spiritual, and professional life and dive deeper into the essence of achieving ultimate success with an elite group of world-class trainers and an extraordinary community of PSI Leadership graduates.

Prerequisites: Must be a graduate of the Leadership Seminar
Tuition: $7,000 USD

PLD – Pacesetter’s Leadership Dynamics

PLD is a 90-day goal achieving program designed to integrate PSI success principles into your daily life.

Prerequisites: Must be a graduate of the Life Success Course
Tuition: $1500 USD

Youth Classes

Basic for Kids for ages 5-12
Youth Leadership Workshop for ages 8-14
Teen Experience for ages 13-17

Prerequisites: Both parents or legal guardians must be graduates of the PSI Basic Seminar.