Be Selfish About Your Self-Esteem

A Message from Jane C. Willhite PSI Co-Founder and CEO

Hello graduates,

This week, I want to take the opportunity to highlight an incredible leader in our community, Renee Cermak.

Renee is one of our amazing area directors and an expert on the importance of fostering a strong sense of self-esteem. I’ve asked her to share some of her wisdom with us today, and she has graciously offered a free copy of her book, How to be Your Biggest Fan, for you to download.

JC Willhite

My question for you this week is: how often do you think about your self-esteem – your opinion of yourself – and how much do you like yourself?

Have you thought about it today? When is the last time you did or did not do something based on the effect it would have on your self-esteem? It may sound strange at first, but think about it this way; You have a relationship with your significant other.

You spend time, money, and energy to keep that relationship healthy. It’s the same thing with your children, pets, and even your car! Yes, some of you talk to your cars. What about your relationship with your self-esteem? It is the relationship that drives all the other relationships, yet we often fail to cultivate it.

I would like you to consider thinking about your self-esteem before anything else and more than anything else. To become selfish about your self-esteem and how much you like yourself – to make it your #1 priority.

I like to think about me and my self-esteem running down the beach together, like a commercial for a Sandals Resort. However, in all honesty, that would be an inaccurate picture of the last year and a half, as the struggle has been real.

Many days during the Pandemic were more about survival than thriving with high self-esteem. I have created some habits that support an ordinary vs an extraordinary sense of self-esteem like watching more Netflix, including junk food in my diet. In some areas where I was black and white, I have allowed gray to creep in.

At times, focusing on being happy in the moment can sabotage our high self-esteem in the long run. I can be happy in the moment by eating fast food and taking a nap, or I can prioritize my relationship with myself in the long term and eat something nourishing and keep my body in motion.

I am giving you the same coaching I am giving myself: read my book (my gift to you), recognize the significance of the small stuff, and get back to my self-esteem being my #1 priority!


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