Tips on Forming a Mastermind Group

Thomas Willhite asserted that the key to all power lies within the creation of a Mastermind. You create your own Mastermind whenever you align the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious. When you unite with others experiencing that same alignment, and the power is unconquerable.
Marriages, families, businesses, sports teams, friendships and more can be Masterminds. In fact, the Mastermind can be activated whenever two or more minds are brought together and blended in harmony. With a blending of the minds at the conscious and sub-conscious level, the superconscious mind is accessed and the Mastermind is formed.
The effects of the Mastermind include being in the right place at the right time, attracting the right people with the right skills, sudden inspirations, and scenarios too perfect to chock up to coincidence. In short, creation of the Mastermind supports you in manifesting a goal in the shortest amount of time.
Whether you want to access the power of Mastermind to build a business, improve health and well-being, or make a positive difference to your community, here are some tips on building a Mastermind group as you go for your goals.
Be a leader. Every Mastermind needs a leader. As the leader, you must first align your conscious and superconscious minds. This means making sure what you want and your beliefs are harmonious. As the leader of your mastermind group, you need to give your group attention, maintaining communication with and throughout members of the group, scheduling meetings, and facilitating meetings.
Set a clear intention. What is it that you want your Mastermind group to achieve? If you are clear and your minds are aligned, you’ll attract members with ease. You may want to write a vision statement and share it with others as you’re building your group.
Welcome variety. Avoid the tendency to seek out people just like you. A mix of people from different backgrounds bring with them a variety of skills, ideas, and perspectives.


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