Givers Gain

A Message from Jane C. Willhite PSI Co-Founder and CEO

Hello graduates,

This week, I want to highlight words from a graduate.

JC Willhite

The PSI Basic Seminar changed my life as I am sure it did for a lot of you. It’s the best mirror I have ever looked into. It allowed me to see who I thought I was, who I really was, and who I could be.

This week, I want to share a story about how we all have the power to embrace a giving mentality and create meaningful change in our lives instantaneously.

We had a very dear friend who had reluctantly agreed to attend the basic after experiencing enormous resistance. On the Monday after her basic seminar, she was on a long road trip heading home and stopped at a gas station for some snacks. After leaving the gas station, she drove for almost an hour before she looked over to the passenger seat and saw a bag of cookies she didn’t remember paying for. She realized that a mistake must have been made so she pulled over and checked the receipt.

After reviewing the receipt and confirming her suspicion that she hadn’t paid for the cookies, she realized that she had a choice to make. She could shrug it off and keep the cookies she didn’t buy, or she could stand on her integrity, give this “givers gain” thing a try, and go back to pay for them. She turned the car around and drove almost an hour back to pay for the small snack.

When she eventually made it home two hours later than planned, her best friend asked her “what took so long”? She very simply replied, “We’re gonna see if givers really gain, but I am not a taker anymore”. She understood the concept of givers gain and made the choice to be a giver.

This woman went on to live an amazing, wildly successful life as the most generous giver we have ever had the privilege of knowing. This decision changed her life and became the moment that defined the rest of what she would go on to create. That woman was our beloved Shirley Hunt, and we cherish the example she set for us all.

My question for you today is… what will you choose? Giving or taking? We choose to give!


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