Are You an Abundant Thinker?

Abundance Consciousness

“From abundance he took abundance and still abundance remained.” – The Upanishads

The difference between the wealthy and those struggling to get by is not money; money is merely a by-product. The difference is consciousness.

When it comes to creating wealth and abundance, there are two types of thinkers, those with an abundance mentality and those with a scarcity mentality. Which kind of thinker you are can determine what amount of success you will experience or what amount of hardship you are doomed to endure.

Those operating from abundance believe that there is enough of everything for everyone and that there will be more. Abundant thinkers are eager to share their expertise to support others in succeeding. They ask what they can give. They welcome competition, knowing that it creates growth. And they aim to create win-win situations.

On the other hand, individuals operating from scarcity believe that there is not enough and that resources are limited. They believe they have to guard their knowledge and tend to be fearful of their ideas, assets, or clients being stolen. They ask what they can get. They view competition as a threat, thinking there’s not enough success to go around, so they’ve got to hoard as much as they can. They aim to play win-lose, because they think that in order to get what they want, they have to take it from someone else.

The consciousness that you choose will impact far more than your bank account. The way you experience yourself, other people, life, and the world is a direct result of your thinking.

Are you an abundant thinker? Taking an honest look at your results can help you see where a shift in consciousness may benefit you.


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