The 4 Steps to Becoming a #1 Thinker

The 4 Steps to Becoming a #1 Thinker

“Human beings are the only goal-striving beings on the planet. If we’re not striving for a goal, we’re not growing.” – Tim O’Kelley

If you’re ready to live your dreams and set big goals, the most effective way to make them happen is to start thinking like a number one thinker.

Before we dive into the step-by-step framework to accomplish big goals, here’s a quick overview of the four thinkers.

The 4 Thinkers

A number four thinker is a person who does not currently have goals. After all, no goal or challenge means no risk of failure. The downside, of course, is that if we’re not accomplishing goals, we’re not growing.

A number three thinker is excited by generating big ideas and often struggles to accomplish goals. When a number three thinker comes up against obstacles and challenges, they easily back down rather than persevering.

A number two thinker often has a solid goal in mind. Once a number two thinker sets a goal, they almost immediately start to consider the challenges. What could go wrong, they wonder? The number two thinker tends to focus on the obstacles rather than keep their eye on the goal.

A number one thinker sets and accomplishes big goals. Let’s look at what it takes to be a number one thinker!

The 4 Steps to Becoming a #1 Thinker

Step 1: Being Clear About What a Goal Is
A number one thinker understands that a goal worth going for is bigger than yourself. It’s a goal that’s outside your comfort zone, beyond what you already know how to achieve, beyond where you already feel secure in your abilities.

Why would you ever want to set a goal like that? Setting a goal that’s bigger than yourself, being uncomfortable, and knowing there will be obstacles is how you grow. Number one thinkers are willing to set a big goal and do the work to overcome challenges along the way.

Step 2: Being Accountable to Yourself

There are two ways of thinking that we distinguish in PSI courses, one where “the world is happening to you” and one where “you are happening to the world.” When you’re responsible for your own emotions, for your thinking, for your responses, and for your results – not the world’s, not anybody else’s – this is how a number one thinker gets their goals.

Step 3: Setting a Goal and Planting the Seed

When it comes to being a number one thinker, it’s super important to get really specific on your goal.

Remember, to be a number one thinker it is a big goal – a true goal – that you’re setting. For example, if your goal is around money, consider that it’s not really money that you’re after. It’s money “for” something. In other words, money is a vehicle to another goal. What’s that bigger goal? That’s the one you want to set! Because those really big goals are the ones that set you on the path to living the life of your dreams.

Once you’ve chosen your goal, it’s time to get imaginative, be creative, and plant the seed of your dream.

Like using a GPS system, every goal starts with the end in mind. You input the destination and then you drive. You don’t second guess the GPS and micromanage the route. You set the goal and let the GPS guide you.

Step 4: Doing the Daily Work

The daily work is now to water the seed (the big goal) that you planted and create practices that nurture your goal.

A few recommendations include:

  • Go to the workshop in your mind (imagination or meditative state) for solutions to any challenges that arise.
  • Focus on who you will be when you reach your goal and harness the power of positive thinking.
  • Go out into the world and get support. Put yourself and your goal out into the universe and the universe will support you.
  • Plan your day consciously – what are your action steps and ways of being for the day that will get you closer to your goal?
  • End your day powerfully by reflecting on what worked and what didn’t work, and what you’re going to bring forth tomorrow.

If we imagine a universe where everything is connected, you’re connected to your goal already. Being a number one thinker is the first step to being in alignment with the universe.

Want to go deeper?

Listen in as PSI Seminars Facilitator Tim O’Kelley talks about the steps to becoming a Number One Thinker – someone who is effective at overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals no matter what challenges they encounter along the way.


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