5 Ways You Can Become More Abundant


What would your life look like if you had all the wealth and abundance you desired? You might find you have increased peace of mind, more time to spend with your loved ones, and greater resources to give to yourself and others. It’s fun to imagine what’s possible!

Having it all and experiencing financial freedom is possible when you believe it is and take actions to make it so.

Here are 5 ways you can think more abundantly and welcome greater wealth into your life.

1. Focus on Abundance
You are surrounded by both scarcity and lack; where you choose to focus your attention and energy is up to you. Instead of focusing on lack with thoughts such as “there’s always more month than money”, “I don’t have enough time”, or “there are no good men/women out there”, focus on what you can be grateful for from the clothes on your back and the air in your lungs to the roof over your house and tires on the car. This small shift can yield tremendous results. The more you acknowledge all that you have, the more you will have.

2. Give What You Want to Gain
Those with a scarcity mentality hoard, while those with an abundance mentality give. Abundant thinkers give because they believe there will be more available to them, whether time, money, love, or ideas. If you want to make more money, find a worthy cause to which you can give some. Be responsible with your giving and create balance between what you receive and what you give. If you constantly find yourself short on time, spend some on someone who could benefit from your company. Remember, what goes around comes around.

3. Increase Your Service
It has been said that man or woman is paid in direct proportion to the service he or she renders mankind. Everyone has something to contribute to the world; what’s your contribution? Maybe you’re great with numbers, you are extremely knowledgeable on car maintenance, or you have a talent for playing guitar – whatever your gift is, share it with the world! Find a way to trade what you have for wealth. If you want more, be of service to more people.

4. Be, Do, Have
This concept frequently gets reversed and people don’t understand why they don’t have what they want. If you believe having money to do the things you want will make you happy, flip it around and start manifesting your vision by being happy. Be happy, then do the things you want to do, which will lead to you having what you desire to have.

5. Get Support
On you way to success, bring someone with you. Just like having a workout partner increases the likelihood of working out, having an abundance accountability partner can help you stay on the path to prosperity. And it can be fun! Find ways to support and challenge each other to play a bigger, more abundant game in the world. Identify limiting beliefs and support each other in consciously overcoming them.


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