Using Screen of the Mind for Forgiveness

Tools for Forgiveness

PSI Director of Training, Kathy Quinlan-Perez shared a powerful technique that can be used to support the process of forgiveness. It’s a technique that’s taught in the PSI Basic Seminar based on the philosophy “To Think is to Create”.

Screen of the Mind is a visualization technique in which you see a situation as it is on the screen of your mind, then replace that situation with your desired outcome. PSI Seminars did not pioneer this technique; it’s been used by many of the greatest minds throughout history. It’s taught in the Basic Seminar, and many PSI graduates have used it to manifest their goals ranging from improved health to greater wealth to creating an ideal relationship.

How can you use Screen of the Mind in relation to forgiveness?

If there is someone you want to forgive – whether yourself or someone else, yet haven’t forgiven yet, bring the situation into your Screen of the Mind. First, see the situation exactly as it is. How does it feel to hold onto resentment? What are the prices you pay by not forgiving? Include as many details as you can, especially those that elicit emotional responses.

Once you have “screened” the movie of what it’s like not to forgive, replace that visual with your ideal outcome: forgiveness. What would your life look like if you were to forgive? How would you feel? What would you be doing differently? Watch the movie in your mind of what your life can look like once you forgive.

Many people find it helpful to repeat this process. You need only screen the present situation once. From that point forward, screen the vision of forgiveness. When you do this, you are showing your subconscious mind that you have forgiven. Your subconscious mind will send signals to your conscious mind that you have forgiven. This can greatly support the process of forgiveness that many people are challenged to work through.

Forgiveness frees you from being victim to the past and allows you to bring your best self to your present. It may not be easy, yet it will be worth it.

For a refresher on Screen of the Mind, check with your PSI Representative for the dates of the next PSI Basic Seminar.


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