How to Make 2010 Your Best Year Ever!

As we venture into a new year and a new decade, take the time to reflect back and look at what you’ve achieved.
No doubt there are things you’re happy with and others you’re not so happy with, so let me ask you…
Did you make progress?

  • Are your relationships better?
  • Are you better off financially?
  • Are you living a purpose filled life?

If you answered no, what will change for you in 2010 and beyond?
If you answered yes, congratulations – how will you compound your results this year?
Whichever way you answered – now is the time to get clarity on your goals, establish a definitive plan and make 2010 your best year ever!
The PSI 7 – Life Success Course will help you clarify your goals, establish your plan and give you the tools to make your vision – your reality.
PSI 7 is about breaking through your fears, worries, concerns, and doubts – creating a new level of abundance for you to be, do and have more in your life.
In this life changing course you’ll experience and learn to…

  • Create more wealth by changing your relationship with money
  • Create better, stronger and deeper relationships
  • Clarify your purpose and vision in life
  • Experience new levels of self confidence
  • Create trust in yourself and be trusted by others – empowering you to make better decisions
  • Create a life of inner peace and fulfillment – the life you really want!

And now we’ve made it easier for you to attend PSI 7

We have two options that make this investment affordable…
Option 1 – 4 Easy Payments
Pay just $980 initial payment and then just three more payments of $990
Option 2 – Pay in Full and Save $700
Book your PSI 7 by February 26th and pay just $3750, that’s a saving of $700 off the regular price

Take Your Life to a Whole New Level in 2010

Call Us Today at 877-607-5690

We look forward to helping you achieve your best year ever,
Jane Willhite
Founder and CEO – PSI Seminars
PS. This offer ends on February 26th so call us today and reserve your space at 877-607-5690

Here’s more of what our PSI 7 grads have to say about their experience…

“PSI 7 was unbelievable. The way I look at PSI 7 compared to the basic is that the basic planted a seed in me, and PSI 7 is where I bloomed. The gift I gave to myself when I decided to go to PSI 7 is priceless. If they would allow me to go again, I would do it every year. It was an experience I will never forget because it changed my life forever. I see myself in a completely different light than I did before, and more importantly, I see a future for me that I didn’t see before. Thank you, thank you, thank you. What more can I say? Nothing, except I wish everyone could experience it for themselves.”
Patrick McGee Gibbons
“Attending PSI 7 The Life Success Course was, without a doubt, a major “Bench Mark” in my life. I uncovered my personal strength,  a willingness to connect with people at a deeper level, developed a new, more effective relationship with fear and trust and learned that my contribution matters……more importantly, I matter. I broke negative patterns that I had been living out my entire life and formed new patterns that help me achieve the things that I truly want. PSI 7 had such a huge impact in my life, that I volunteer my time to be support staff for the course once a year. Today, I take risks that I never would have before because I believe in my abilities and myself. I’m a successful business owner, an amazing friend, supportive Step-Dad, and have a fuller life because of my experience at PSI 7. Actually, not much in my life is the same and I’m grateful for that.”
P.J. Scharer

Take Your Next Step – Call us today at 877-607-5690 – Reserve your space and save up to $700 off this life changing program

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