Are Your Beliefs Keeping You from Finding a Relationship?

Picture it: you walk into a room with 100 singles all looking forward to meeting you. 99 of them embody the qualities you desire in your ideal partner. 1 is a dud, possessing the qualities of previous partners with whom you were either disappointed or unfulfilled.
Who do you end up with?
While the situation may not be real, this exact scenario plays out all the time. Why? Because the law of attraction dictates that you don’t attract what you want; you attract what you are.
The truth is that you are absolutely perfect, born with everything you need to succeed. Do you believe that? If you’re not sure, look at your results. If you have anything other than what you truly desire, it may be because you believe things about yourself that are not in alignment with what you say you want.
Going back to the room with 100 singles all looking forward to meeting you, if you believe you are worthy, you will attract a partner who believes you to be worthy. If you, however, believe that you’re not good enough, you will surely attract that partner who treats you as such.
This plays out over and over again in relationships. For some, no matter how many different relationships there are, it seems like the only thing that changes are the names.
A key to changing your pattern of picking partners is to change your thinking.
What are your beliefs about yourself, your “I am” statements?
Beliefs such as “I am lovable. I am attractive. I am trustworthy. I am passionate. I am committed.” and so on are the kind that will support you in finding – and keeping – the partner of your dreams.
Take a moment to reflect on your beliefs about yourself and see where loving yourself more and acknowledging your greatness could support you in creating a happy and fulfilling relationship.
Then go get yourself 1 of those eligible 99!


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