Are you a Leader now?

Bringing out the True Leader Within

“To back down from fears, doubts and failure is the way of the follower.  To face them and go on stronger is the way of the Leader.” ~Thomas D. Willhite

Through understanding the meaning of Leadership comes the answer to the question, “How do I become a Leader?”  Some of you will be surprised to realize you already are Leaders.  Others will be shocked to learn you are not.

More words from Tom Willhite and the ‘Life Success Manuscripts’…

“Now I am a Leader.  Not the flashy hero or daredevil of youth, but rather a Leader in the true meaning of the word.  I am a Leader of myself. I am also a Leader of those who, of their own free choice, choose to join with me.”

“To be a Leader is to take responsibility for outcomes, good, bad or indifferent.  This, more than any other characteristic or trait, is the mark of a Leader.”

Are you a Leader now?  Have you taken the responsibility for your life, for the financial condition you are now in, for making your marriage work, for communicating with your parents, children and co-workers, for where you live and what you do?

Have you taken the responsibility for being happy?  Or are you saying “someday”?

“When I’m rich I’ll be happy.  When I get married, when I feel better, when I get out of school, when I get another job, my own place, become a big shot, when – when – when…”

There will be no when until you make the decision to take the responsibility and make it happen now.  If you want happiness, create it now.

Find the joy and beauty of this moment.  Give yourself permission to be happy now.  Give yourself permission to be beautiful now.

Decide at this moment to be a Leader, and you have become one.  It can be that fast.  “Taking responsibility” is not difficult.  It is the “deciding to take responsibility” that is hard.

Take a moment now and look carefully at those areas in your life where you feel lack.  Then take personal responsibility for them.  Those lacks are there because you allowed them to be there.

Those lacks are not there because you’re a school dropout, a different race than those around you, or a woman or poor or overweight.  Or short or can’t read or whatever.

Take the responsibility for what is happening in your own life.  This is where Leadership begins.  That others may follow you is incidental.

Leaders do not all have the same style or personality, but they do display a certain set of similar characteristics.  Generally the more pronounced these characteristics are, the more successful the person is as a Leader.
Leadership is not an absolute but rather a matter of degree.  Thus each of you already displays the characteristics of Leadership – to a degree.

The characteristics of great Leaders, according to Tom Willhite:

  • Definite goal or cause
  • Self-control
  • Self confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • Enthusiasm
  • Persistence
  • Creative & imaginative
  • Clear thinking
  • Achiever
  • Communicator
  • Taking the initiative
  • Personal commitment
  • Ability to creates unity
  • Willingness to do more than paid for
  • Courage to make decisions

Want to learn where you stand on Leadership according to Tom Willhite and how you can become a leader of self, as well as become a leader to those in your world on a daily basis?

Tom’s teachings show you the path to bringing out the true Leader within you, and also covers many other important issues we face on a daily basis including chapters on:

  • Overcoming your Fears
  • Harnessing your Desires to get what you truly want in life
  • Creating Wealth and Abundance in all areas of your life
  • Manifesting your Vision

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