You Matter!

A Holiday invitation to you dear human! In appreciation for the gift you are. With a very simple, yet profound intention we can each add to the collective peace on the planet. This year, when sitting with family and friends we can decide to listen, observe, and BE with them, without any critical thoughts of how they “should be” or “could be” better people. We can commit to connecting with whoever is in front of us in present time – free of the past with respect for the path they chose to learn from. We can be kind in our thinking by realizing they, just like us, are forever reaching to feel better about themselves, be acknowledged, and cared for. We could be more cognizant of the reality that everyone is taught how to succeed at life in different ways; some by how they look, some by what they have, and some even gather attention by noble suffering. We can give something precious this year, something that will last a very long time and multiply itself like magic… simply by slowing down, listening, and appreciating where each of us are in our learning process.
We can forgive the past, no matter how big or small any incident may have been. We can stop any repeating internal dialogue about mistakes others have made, even simple things like wearing the wrong outfit, drinking a bit too much, or not paying adequate attention to something WE hold as very important.
Perhaps the most loving gift we could ever give our family, neighborhood, or our planet is freedom from our criticism, overt or covert! We can add JOY to the world simply by taking responsibility for the quality of our thoughts and the power of our attention. It matters, we matter. We contribute to the collective energy we ALL share with each intention, thought, and word we speak.
This year let’s give each soul we have the pleasure of BEING in the presence of, the most amazing gift of all… understanding and compassion. Why not set an intention, right now, to see family and friends through eyes that realize everyone is just trying to find their place in life, one where they can feel happy?
I believe the most valuable present we could offer this year, to our planet and each other, is loving care. YOU have the amazing and profound ability to share this… with everyone! You make a huge difference in the world with a few moments of kindness, compassion, and understanding. Happy Holidays to you and your precious family.


  1. Marilyn Imanse

    What an awesome and inspiring message!
    It reminded me what one of my mentors said.
    “Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”
    Let’s go into each next moment with the intention of new starts without prejudice (pre-judging), with understanding that everyone is on their own path, there is no right or wrong, all that we have is now. By choosing a life of non-judgement, non-critical, we are free to BE! And in so doing, we allow others to BE.

  2. Laura Swanson

    I attended basic PSI in December 2008 in Orange County California. I learned so much from it and I continue to lean and grow. I have always wanted to share with my family, friends and co-workers what PSI has to offer. I just can not put it into words. It is just an experience I have wanted every one I know to have. When I saw this in the newsletter this month I was so moved by Holly’s words I have decided this will be the Holiday card I send out this year. Thank you for reminding me how wonderful we ALL are.
    Holly Riley YOU ROCK!
    Thank you! , Laura Swanson


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