The Power of "I am"

In the Basic Seminar, students learn that there is no concept more critical to success than the “I am”. What follows those two small words dictates what you believe about yourself, how you show up in the world, and what results you create. It is the foundation upon which the teachings of PSI Seminars were built.
Our thoughts create our reality. Our words create our world. What are the statements that you repeat to yourself? Are they supporting you in achieving your goals, or are they hindering you? Are your beliefs about yourself in alignment with what you say you want? There is no better way to to gauge this than by examining your results.
Pay close attention to your “I am” statements. If you find that yours are not serving you, immediately replace them with ones that do, even if you don’t believe them in the moment. Upon repeating them enough times, you may just catch yourself believing them and noticing that your results reflect this new-found empowerment.
A fun and effective exercise to support you in putting this into practice is to picture one of your goals as though you have completed it. Then ask yourself, “how would I need to be to achieve that goal? What qualities would I need to display”. Next, list those qualities, only before you do, write “I am” before each one. Within minutes, you’ll have a list of positive affirmations that will support you in achieving that very goal (and likely many others as well).
This concept is at work whether you are aware of it or not. Once you become aware, however, you have the power to choose “I am” statements that support your personal growth and fuel your dreams. Mastery of the “I am” concept is the true path to liberty, to being who you want to be, and to creating a life worthy of you.


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