PSI Seminars Rip Off Their Customers

PSI Seminars Rips Off Their Customers? Absolutely Not!


Allegations that PSI Seminars is a Rip Off


What would you think of a company who has been in business for over forty years having never advertised? They must be doing something right, right?! Not only has PSI Seminars been providing classes for over forty years without advertising, we also boast a 99.9% customer satisfaction rate!


Unfortunately, that tiny 0.01% of people who are not happy with the results have taken it upon themselves to badmouth the PSI Seminars, calling us a cult and even saying PSI Seminars rips off their customers.


In order to dispel the myth that PSI Seminars rips off their customers, let’s take a look at how the costs actually work. This way, you will see that not only is it not a rip off, it is actually a fantastic deal.

The Cost of the Basic Seminar


The Basic Seminar is a 3-day class that costs $595. Your one-time payment of $595 and completion of the class comes with a money-back guarantee and re-audit privileges for the rest of your life. This means that you can take as much of the class as you want – from one session to the entire 3 days – as often as you want in any city where the Basic is held.


While class sizes vary, the average class is 30 students. If each student pays $595, the gross total for the class is $17,850. Over 3 days, plus an additional day for Completion Night, the graduation and guest event, that amount equates to $4,462.50 per day.


From that amount, PSI pays for the venue; a facilitator – and in most cases, pays for travel, lodging, and food for said facilitator; the local city staff members who coordinate each Basic; and the corporate staff members who perform administrative duties, maintain the websites, and provide customer service.


The fact of the matter is that our profit margin is low. Despite many business experts advising us to raise our prices, we believe it’s important to make this information affordable so that more people can access it.


To say that PSI Seminars is a rip off is ridiculous. Thankfully, the 99.9% of our customers who are satisfied with their investment in themselves understand this.

Who Says PSI Seminars Rips Off Customers?


It takes but a single person to know how to place the words “PSI seminars rip off” in the right place for the report to go global. Because PSI does not rely on conventional forms of advertising, relying only on the word of mouth from satisfied customers, those looking online for PSI will come across the rip off reports as well.


Sadly, many of the people writing slanderous reviews have not even taken our PSI Seminars classes! For those .1% who do take the classes and leave dissatisfied, we refund their money – no questions asked.


Many of the rip off reports you read online are written by friends, family, or coworkers of students who don’t understand the changes they may see in someone who has completed the classes. Without haven taken the classes, there is no way for them to give an honest review.


Our Commitment


PSI Seminars is committed to providing our students with the best seminar experience possible so that they may increase their personal and professional effectiveness and live lives they love.


Our mission is world peace, one mind at a time, and we are grateful for every person who has taken a risk and enrolled in the Basic Seminar, bringing us one step closer to realizing our goal.


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