Common PSI Seminars Complaints

Common PSI Seminars Complaints


While it may be impossible for everybody to be happy with a product or service, PSI Seminars has come close. With a 99.9% customer satisfaction rating, one may say that we don’t need to even bother addressing the concerns of the .1% unhappy customers, yet we feel it’s important to explore their complaints against PSI Seminars in order to give peace of mind to those considering attending a PSI Seminar.


Some people have issued complaints because they thought taking the classes would “fix” them, get them the results they wanted without putting in the effort.  Others have found the classes to be too uncomfortable and out-of-the ordinary. Some have said it was too expensive. Then there are those who have simply made a complaint in order to get a refund. However the vast majorities of complaints against PSI Seminars, come from people who have never even taken our classes.


As a consumer considering purchasing a seat in one of our classes, it’s important to read reviews, especially complaints, yet perhaps more important to read how those complaints are dealt with. This will give you the peace of mind to know that PSI Seminars is a genuine company with a well-deserved, positive reputation.


PSI Seminars Complaint #1 – PSI is a Cult


A cult is, by definition, a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object. Many have sinister – or at the very least – misguided intent. They are typically led by one charismatic and convincing figurehead. Cults require people to essentially give their lives over to the cult – surrender all possessions, adhere to strict rules, even give a percentage of their income to the cult. This is in no way whatsoever how PSI operates.


PSI has several trained facilitators, and hundreds of thousands of individuals have graduated our classes, yet there is no almighty leader. PSI is a for-profit company and charges a fee to attendants for taking classes. There is no demand to sign over any amount of money for anything other than taking our classes. Just as you would pay a college to attend classes, students pay to attend our classes.


There is no resemblance between a cult and PSI.


PSI Seminars Complaint #2 – PSI Is a Rip Off


Attending a class through PSI Seminars costs money. The price is on-par – if not cheaper than – similar programs offered by different companies. PSI offers a range of different programs, from the Basic Seminar, which takes place in cities across the globe, to advanced classes, that happen at our headquarters in Clearlake Oaks, California. The prices differ by class.


The Basic Seminar comes with a money-back guarantee. If a customer completes the class and finds it is not of value, he or she need only ask for a refund to be given one – no questions asked. Furthermore, the tuition of the Basic Seminar includes the privilege to re-audit the class in any city where it’s offered in perpetuity.   Students can come back for as much or as little of the class as they like for the rest of their lives. It’s like buying a car that comes with free servicing and tune-ups for life.


When attending advanced seminars, all food, lodging, and materials are included in the cost of tuition. Attendees can request details about how the course fee is spent at any time by contacting our corporate office.


PSI Seminars Complaints #3 – PSI Uses Brainwashing Tactics


Brainwashing involves making someone adopt radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible pressure. This sinister tactic is in no way employed by PSI Seminars. On the contrary, our teachings urge people to think for themselves and not succumb to the conditioned thoughts we refer to as “programs”.


Some people experience emotions in our classes that they have suppressed for many years. Sometimes  after they have the expressed those emotions, they feel weakened by them. These are typically the people who claim to have been “brainwashed”  into crying, setting goals, and making life changes.


PSI does not brainwash anyone, only provide insight as to how life can be more fulfilling by employing tools and techniques proven to be effective. Everyone has a choice whether or not they want to participate in the events at PSI and everyone has a choice as to how they use this information in their own lives.


If you go looking for negative reviews, you’re sure to find them. Keep in mind, however, that these come from either .1% of our attendants or simply those who have never taken our classes before. Please feel free to contact us any time for more information as to how PSI Seminars is effective in providing the opportunity for personal and professional growth.


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