Honest PSI Seminars Reviews To Show You What To Expect

Honest PSI Seminars Reviews To Show You What To Expect by Attending PSI Seminars


PSI Seminars is a personal growth company dedicated to providing tools and techniques designed to increase effectiveness, both personally and professionally. The Basic Seminar is the foundation of a 3-part series of classes and is the first class that participants take when before moving onto the advanced coursework.


The PSI Basic Seminar costs $995. While we completely believe the Basic is worth every penny – and many of our graduates would say it’s worth much more – we do realize that this is a significant investment for most people. Because of this, we feel it’s important to provide people interested in signing up honest and accurate information on what to expect.

What is the Basic Seminar?


The Basic Seminar is a 3-day educational seminar designed to increase your personal and professional effectiveness. The class typically takes place at a hotel or conference center and is scheduled from Friday to Sunday. There is also a completion night where the students graduate and have an opportunity to bring friends, family, and co-workers to hear a presentation on the class. Breaks are scheduled for every hour and a half to two hours, however students may leave the room to take care of personal needs at any time.


The Basic is an experiential class and it’s structured in a way that a concept will be presented, you will have the option to participate in an exercise to experience that concept at work, and then have a chance to share your experience and hear the shares of others. You have a choice whether or not to participate and to share. No one will ever “make you” do either.


The purpose of the Basic is to provide you with an opportunity to become aware of what underlying programs dictate your decisions. This empowers many to choose consciously rather than doing what they’ve always done, and getting what they’ve always gotten.


It is an experiential class, and for many, an eye-opening experience that can have a permanent positive effect.


Who Facilitates the Basic Seminar?


PSI Seminars provides a facilitator for each Basic Seminar. They are not teachers, rather they are men and women who have completed the PSI classes, found them to be of value, and facilitate new students taking the class by presenting concepts, coordinating experiential exercises, and fielding questions, comments, and shares.


Depending on the class size, which typically ranges from 20 to 70 students, there is an opportunity to speak one-on-one with the facilitator. This is typically done within the seminar setting so that the rest of the class may benefit from the conversation.


There are also volunteers, who are graduates of the Basic and often the advanced classes, to support you in your Basic experience. These people receive no compensation for their time and efforts. They are there because they have gained something from the class and want to support others, and know the value of giving of oneself.


What is the Outcome of Attending the Basic Seminar?


The tools and techniques presented in the Basic only work if you employ them. No one will make you practice the concepts or philosophies, however after having a powerful, positive experience in the class, many people do choose to use them and go on to create amazing results.


Peace of mind, loving relationships, fulfilling careers, wealth and abundance, joy and gratitude, and much more can be achieved by using what you learn at the Basic Seminar.


Not everyone has a life-changing experience at the Basic. For those who do, they will tell you it was the best $995 they ever spent. Even those who see small changes and positive shifts in their lives will tell you the class was worth the investment and more. For those .1% who are unsatisfied, we offer a refund – no questions asked.


What’s the Downside to Attending the Basic Seminar?


Reviews are only useful if they are fully honest, and so we feel it is important to address concerns raised by the .1% of dissatisfied customers.


The education in the Basic sometimes inspires people to make big changes in their lives. This can upset friends, family, and co-workers. Looking for a scapegoat, they may blame PSI Seminars. These people will claim they were content with the way things were before the class.


Let’s be very clear about something: the Basic Seminar is not for people who are content. The Basic Seminar is for anyone who wants something more, better, or different in their lives. It’s for people who desire change and are willing to do do something different in order to achieve their desired result.


It should also be noted that the Basic can be challenging to explain. It is truly an experiential course. Because of this, the completion night following the Basic is also a presentation on the Basic for friends, family, and co-wokers of the graduates. Some people are put off by this. For the many people who sign up at such events and go on to take the class, they are usually grateful to have had it explained to them by a trained professional. PSI does not advertise, so these events are as close as we come to “marketing” our classes.


Additionally, there is information about the advanced classes in the Basic. Once again, this is the only way people find out about our classes. Those who are committed to their growth enjoy learning about what other classes PSI offers and are eager to sign up. Those who either want to go and don’t yet have the means or those who simply do not want to continue on a path of growth have reported disliking this portion of the class.


What if I Still Have Questions?


If you still have questions that weren’t answered by this page, please either email us or call us so that we may address your concerns. We are happy to provide all the information you need so that you can make an informed decision as to whether you’re ready to enroll in the Basic Seminar.


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