PSI Seminars Review of "Poke the Box"

This month we are changing things up a bit by providing you with a review of a recently published book, Poke the Box by Seth Godin. The book has an overall theme of Taking Initiative. It is all about taking action now! Do not wait to be chosen. Choose yourself and start moving. Seth points out the (dying) manufacturing mindset in the US has led many to wait for approval, wait to be chosen, wait for someone else to initiate and then dive in. There is less risk associated with letting someone else jump in first. This way the responsibility lies with others. In this book you will find Three Easy Steps to Get Started: 1. Don’t think about it 2. Just Start and 3. Keep Starting.
This book is a quick read and has several insights into what stops people from taking action. We would recommend it to anyone who wants to get out of their comfort zone and is ready to have their goals and dreams!
There is a free workbook companion available for those risk takers who want to get started ~ Click on the Book & Get Started NOW!


  1. robin harris

    I clciked on the book for “Pke the Box” and it did not take me to the book, was anyone else able to access it? Thank you Robin Harris-Nebraska

  2. robin harris

    O.K, I was finally able to open it, but I had to hit the control button and click on the book for it to work. I hope this helps others. I did order the book after watching Seth’s video. I am excited and looking forward to reading it as I will be plaing PLD on team 42 in August. woohoo! I’m excited. Feel free to look me up on facebook. Robin Worden-Harris-Nebraska


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