Trust is one of the essential building blocks to creating great relationships. But before trust can be found around us, it must be found inside of us. To achieve and sustain trust, you must first have faith and commitment in yourself.
On an episode of the PSI Podcast dedicated to exploring trust, Tim O’Kelley shared with callers how to become a trustworthy person through:

Integrity – Always follow through with what you say you are going to do. Be someone other people can count on.

Communication – Be transparent in your communication and express yourself openly and honestly.

Consistency – Be who you are, don’t hide or change yourself in each situation.

Take a stand – Be committed to what you are passionate about and fight for what matters to you.

Respect – Respect yourself and don’t allow others to disrespect you.

By trusting yourself and being willing to take a risk with others, you can create a renewed sense of support and well-being. Communicating openly and understanding the value of integrity and consistency can help you create a lasting, productive relationship with yourself, as well as with others.
This episode is now available on iTunes and at where you’ll also find archives of the past episodes of the PSI Podcast.
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