Living in the Now

“Living in the moment” means bringing your awareness to the here and now, without regret of the past or fear of the future. “In the moment” is where life happens, so be here now to enjoy it!
This is easier said than done for most as everyone carries the past with them, often allowing it to influence their choices and decisions in the present, which will then shape their future. By living anywhere other than the here and now, you could be missing out on the many positive happenings all around you. Positive happenings that could have a positive impact on your future.
What can you do to appreciate the good in your life and bring more of it to you?
Start by acknowledging it!
As you move from this year to the next, consider this fun challenge: Starting January 1st, write good things that you observe on little pieces of paper and put those papers in a jar where you can see them. You can write anything that brings you joy:

  • Memories you cherish
  • Unexpected kindness
  • The beauty of nature
  • Accomplished goals
  • Things that make you laugh
  • Gifts given and received
  • On the eve of 2015, read your “good things” and enjoy those moments once more.
    Have fun with this challenge! The more you look for the good in every moment, the more you will find it.
    This is one of the keys to living a joyous, prosperous, and fulfilling life!


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