Fear, Regret, and The Life of Your Dreams

Every day man crucifies himself between two thieves–the regret of yesterday, and the fear of tomorrow. – Benjamin Disraeli

How much of your life is spent living in regret? How much time is spent living in fear?
Time is your most precious commodity. You are only given so much, and yet nobody knows how much they have. The regret of yesterday and the fear of tomorrow are what stand between you and the life of your dreams. Decisions based on either regret or fear don’t typically turn out well, yet it’s easy to continue to make them if you are unaware of how these forces come to play in your life.
Regret is not necessarily a bad thing. It can help you learn from your past decisions so that you don’t repeat mistakes. Focusing on regret, however, can be paralyzing if you allow it to cause you to doubt yourself. Once you doubt your ability to make effective decisions, you’re likely to stop making decisions and taking action towards your goals. Eventually the biggest regret you’ll have is failing to take action.
Fear can be a powerful tool. Instead of accepting it as defeat, you can view it as a challenge to call forth your inner wisdom, strength, and courage. You can recognize it as an opportunity to grow. Too often though, the fear of what could happen stops people from taking action.
To live the concept of First Day/Last Day as taught in the Basic Seminar, you’ve got to take action at the most important time: NOW. When you break free from fear and regret, you can greet every day as a new opportunity and truly make the most of it.
What are the areas in your life where you’re not taking action? Notice whether fear or regret is present. Then, do something towards improving that area of your life. Moment by moment, choice by choice, take steps that lead you a little bit closer to all that you desire.


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