PSI Seminars Scam Myth Debunked

PSI Seminars Scam Myth Debunked


Since 1973, PSI Seminars has been offering classes designed to increase effectiveness in all areas of life, including personal and professional.


We are the longest-running company of our kind and have achieved a 99.9% satisfaction rate from our customers, or students. Unfortunately, that .1% who have been dissatisfied with our classes have posted negative information online stating that PSI Seminars is a scam.


This is a myth.


There are a number of reasons as to why people think PSI Seminars is a scam. Let’s take a look at a few of these reasons and explain why they are myths.


1. PSI Seminars Scams Attendees through Class Prices


Attending a class through PSI Seminars costs money. The price is on-par – if not cheaper than – similar programs offered by different companies. PSI offers a range of different programs, from the Basic Seminar, which takes place in cities across the globe, to advanced classes, that happen at our headquarters in Clearlake Oaks, California. The prices differ by class.


The Basic Seminar comes with a money-back guarantee. Once a student has completed the class, he or she may re-audit the class in any city where it’s offered in perpetuity.  It does, however, cost money to facilitate the seminar, and PSI has the right to charge money for the information that is imparted.


When attending advanced seminars, all food, lodging, and materials are included in the cost of tuition. Attendees can request details about how the course fee is spent at any time by contacting our corporate office.


2. PSI Scams Attendees Because the Program Doesn’t Work


Based on well over half a million satisfied customers who have shared powerful testimonials, the program works. In fact, we believe in our classes so much that we have never advertised. Instead, we rely on the effectiveness of our classes. If someone finds it of value, we trust that he or she will share it with others. This has kept our company in business for forty years.


The classes offered won’t “fix” you, suddenly make you more money, or find your soulmate. Instead, the classes support you in reaching your full potential – yet you have to be willing to do the work to achieve such potential. People who are looking for a quick fix by attending our classes may be disappointed, As we do not promise any instant solution to life’s problems, PSI is not a scam. We are here to support those who want something better for themselves and are willing to do the work to create it.


3. PSI Seminars is a Scam Because It Is a Cult


Some people have stated that PSI uses brainwashing methods to change the way their participants think and have called it a cult. A cult is, by definition, a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object. Furthermore, cults are known to have highly sinister practices. PSI has neither. There is no request for you to join a community of PSI people, give up your worldly possessions, or make any financial contribution. “Cult” is a buzzword that some people use when they’re unhappy with their experience of an organization, and in this case, it is completely unwarranted.


4. PSI Seminars Scams Participants by Making Them Cry


It’s true that some participants do cry when taking our classes. The programs are designed for you to look within yourself and uncover your own answers. For many people sitting in the seminar room at the Basic, it is the first time in a long time – or ever – that they have looked within and been completely honest with themselves about what they see. For certain strong personality types who do not do introspective work often, this is uncomfortable and they look to blame PSI Seminars for “making” them cry. Personal growth is not always easy: if it was, everyone would do it. Unfortunately, those who are looking for a “quick fix” have claimed PSI scammed them by breaking them down emotionally. This simply is not true. All participants have the same opportunity to look within, and some cry while others do not.


No evidence has even been provided to show that PSI Seminars is a scam. People from all over the world have found great benefits from it, as evidenced by the 99.9% of positive reviews received. PSI is a for-profit company, that does not give away knowledge away for free. You wouldn’t expect a free education from Harvard, so why would you expect one from PSI?


For over forty years, PSI Seminars has been committed to world peace, one mind at a time, and we look forward to continuing to make our mission a reality by sharing this work with people around the world.


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