Growth vs Decay

Growth Vs Decay


Growth, Stability, or Decay. These are believed to be the possible stages for all living things.

In reality, there is no such thing as stability. Every living thing is either in a state of growth or decay. Stability is a myth. Consider for a moment a wooden dining table. Before being cut down, milled, assembled, and ultimately eaten on, the wood of the table was a living, thriving, growing tree.
The moment the tree was cut down, it began the early stages of decay. The more the wood was processed, this process of breaking down continued. Over the course of many years, even if the table is well maintained by its owners, it will continue to break down on an atomic level until ultimately – perhaps hundreds of years into the future – it will return to the earth from which it came.
As it is with the wooden dining table, it is with human beings. We are conceived in the womb, we are nurtured as we develop and grow, we go through stages of development throughout our early years… then gradually our biological systems begin to turn towards the aging process.
Even the healthiest person, while perhaps successful at slowing it, cannot stop the aging process. We can buy into a healthy lifestyle, cosmetics, procedures, and so on… And still we age. Our physical bodies can only be in a state of growth or decay.
The good news is human beings are far more than a physical self. All people are also emotional, mental, and spiritual beings. It may help to think of the yourself with 4 sides to a square. All 4 sides of this square can be in either a state of growth or decay, just as the physical self.
Consider a heart monitor… when the dot moves up and down, you will see a jagged line on the screen – that’s your heart beat. The line is not stable, it’s in constant motion – this means you’re alive.
Stability in this metaphor looks like a solid, unmoving line. Flat line. Death. Stability is a myth.


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