PSI Seminars Complaints – Beware of False Criticism!

PSI Seminars Complaints – Beware of False Criticism!


PSI Seminars is a for-profit company whose mission is world peace, one mind at a time. We offer classes designed to support individuals of becoming aware of how they are operating and empowering them to make conscious choices in their lives, with the goal of reaching their full potential and living lives they love. Through our teachings, many people have seen major improvements in all areas of life from wealth and career to health and  relationships to renewed spiritual connections and clarity of purpose.


The cost of the Basic Seminar, the first in a series of classes, is $595. This includes a money-back guarantee as well as the privilege to re-audit the class as often as you’d like in any city where it’s offered in perpetuity. It’s like buying a car that comes with free servicing and tune-ups for life! Sadly, the cost has caused some people to take to the web and issue complaints warning people to brainwashing practices, claiming that PSI is a cult, or even that it’s a scam. This criticism is completely unfounded.


We truly believe in the effectiveness of our classes. As such, we have never once advertised. The classes have been around for over forty years strictly by word-of-mouth. We believe that if we are offering something of value, those who gain that value will share it with others.


That has been our honest approach to marketing since 1973, yet it does leave the door open to complaints by those who attended the classes because someone they know told them to, or more commonly, because they are unhappy with the changes they see in someone who has attended the classes. Hence, when you read complaints online, beware of these false criticisms.


As a result of taking our classes people have in fact left their jobs, their spouses, ended relationships, changed locations, and more. Those individuals have their own reasons for doing so, and at no point does PSI tell them to do anything of the sort. Instead, our classes give them an opportunity to look within and reevaluate their lives and priorities.


Because of this, people who feel they have been left behind by a participant in one of our classes, have written complaints online. This false criticism is on the web. When you read PSI Seminars complaints beware of the fact that 99.9% of those who have attended our seminars are actually happy with the results.


PSI Seminars is not a cult. There is no leader to which attendants must bow down. There is no call to join a commune, give up your possessions, or donate a portion of your income to PSI. PSI Seminars is a seminar company offering classes to support people in being more effective in their lives.


Making big changes as a result of taking our classes can cause those around you to be upset and use the web as their soapbox to make complaints. Beware of the criticism you may read, and take into account that 99.9% of all participants have been happy with the classes and have continued to share this work with those for whom they care for over forty years.


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