Be, Do, Have it All!

If you listen to most people talk about the things they want, whether money, a relationship, or chiseled abs, you’ll notice that they say things like, “when I have _____, I’ll be/do _____”. When I have chiseled abs, I’ll be confident in my appearance. When I have a relationship, I’ll be happy. When I have money, I’ll go see the world.
Unfortunately these people have it backwards. It isn’t by having things that we can be and do what we truly desire. On the contrary, doing and having the things you truly desire depends on how you BE. If you want to make a lot of money, attract a fulfilling relationship, or get your body in peak physical shape, you first need to display the beingnesses that will attract those things into your life.
What are the qualities you need to display to get what you want?
Attraction works from the inside out. If you want to be in a relationship, start BEing in your relationship. Imagine how you would feel with the partner of your dreams, perhaps happy, excited, loved, loving, worthy, and grateful. Once you are BEing those things, you’ll start to behave – or do things – consistent with those beingnesses. This alignment sends out the vibration that will attract to you the things you want, and before you know it, being and doing leads to having.
This week, think of a goal you’ve been wanting for a long time, something that really gets your heart racing and stomach flipping when you think about having it. Now identify 3 beingnesses you could display that could support you in attracting that goal into your life. If you need inspiration, think of someone who has what you want and identify what qualities they display. Once you’ve come up with three beingnesses, put them on for the week and see how they fit! You may notice that not only are you feeling different – better, even – you may start to do things differently.
If you want this to be the summer that you rock a bathing suit to show off your flat tummy, you may want to BE confident, disciplined, and healthy. What would do operating from those beingnesses? You are more likely to make choices that support you in getting your goal such as sticking to a healthy diet and workout routine.
This is the secret of attraction…be, do, then have.


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