Put a Shark in Your Tank

Comfort Vs Support


At PSI, we often use the example of “putting a shark in your tank”…

This is the story of a group of fishermen who discovered an ingenious solution to improve their results, and believe it or not, the idea can directly translate to your life too!
For many years, fishermen struggled to get their catch back to market still alive. All to often, the boats returned to harbor with the fish in their hold already dead. The fisherman attempted many different strategies to get their haul back as fresh as possible… and constantly found their product lacking…
Until one day when one of the fisherman decided to see what would happen if they placed a small shark in the tank with the fish they had caught.
To everyone’s surprise, when the boat arrived at the market, the vast majority of the fish were alive and well, resulting in the finest product available!
What the fishermen learned was that even though they might lose a few fish along the way, their catch was forced to stay active, not comfortable.
In this story, the fish in the tank remain healthy because they’re constantly on the move with a shark on their tail… fish who stayed still in the water died, every time.
How does this translate to your life?
You have a choice to surround yourself with people who will support you in staying comfortable, or in growing.
Often supporting someone to grow means challenging them and at times even seeing them greater than they see themselves!
On a special extended episode of the PSI Podcast, you’ll hear from PSI Facilitator Courtland Warren about Building Your Dream Team and creating an inner circle of support!
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