Is there a RIGHT WAY to set a Goal?

In my humble opinion there are thousands of ways to set a proper goal.  How many different ways can you deliver the “SMART” system?  How many tips and techniques can you be given to teach you how to set a goal? Haven’t you set and set and set thousands of goals in your life? Aren’t you tired of hearing the next best way to set a goal? I am too however, when I looked at the times in my life when really big things were accomplished, I realized I had specific goals and I stuck to them.
Sometimes I think we are too busy getting ready to get ready.  I think we are working really hard to develop the perfect plan to get the goal.  The one with the right buzz words, and the right techniques being applied to get the PERFECT result.  The one that everyone else will think is amazing. 
Well guess what…..I have a few of my own special tips and techniques to share with you on goal setting!  If you’re interested read on and if you’re not…… just get back on the couch in front of the latest and greatest television show, and I will see you in December trying to figure out why you did not get what you wanted again.
So, first things first…… 


If you take a look back you can review the things that worked and the things that may not have supported you in getting what you want.  Remember we can learn from the lesson the first time or we can continue down that path of insanity… doing it over and over and over again and expecting a different result.  Tip #1 is to make a list of the things that worked, and the lessons you learned as you begin to plan those goals for 2011 and beyond. 


After you take a review of the previous year, I think the very next thing that is necessary to set up a great plan is to get in a state of gratitude about what you have in your life and what you accomplished the previous year.  Being in a state of gratitude is the most important step in the foundation for good goal setting.  You have to be in a state of gratitude and abundance not scarcity in order to begin the creative process.  Remember you will attract more of the things that you focus on…. Tip #2 is to focus on the good not that other stuff.


Now that I am getting ready to set my goals for the year, I realize that getting really clear about what I REALLY WANT is a very important part in this equation.  I know that in today’s world when you say something like, “It’s all about me”, that doesn’t sit well with most people.  Well in this exercise my friend, it is ALL ABOUT YOU!!  Isn’t that the most exciting thing you have heard lately?  You can make it all about you and get away with it!  So get clear and decide what you really want – that is tip #3.


If you do not have a really big WHY behind you when you are moving toward a goal…you might as well forget it.  Because when you get up against those Vampires in your life you will take the first chicken exit off the path off that goal. 
If you’re wondering what a Vampire is, keep reading.  A vampire is someone who sucks your dreams from you.  They are that person who shows up dressed really well or in the shape of one of your dearest loved ones.   They suck the life out of you and plant those seeds of doubt.  Not that you need them to plant the doubt because the biggest vampire around is… wait for it….it is YOU!  You are usually the culprit for sucking the life out of those goals.  I am not smart enough…I am not skinny enough…I am not ______.  So tip #4 is to have a big enough “WHY”.


I know the times in my life when I found someone I trusted to hold me accountable to what I said I wanted, I was more likely to get it.  I am not talking about the friend that will support you in taking the low road or that joins you at the local Dairy Queen if your goal is to release weight.  This is someone that no matter what your excuse is they will not support you in ANYTHING that is inconsistent with the result you want to obtain. Tip #5 is closing those chicken exits by creating the right accountability partner.


Write your goal down in several places.  Carry it on your person.  Put it on your bathroom mirror.  Put it in your car.  Put it in the refrigerator.  Create a screen saver with the goal.  Put it on your phone. Over do it in this area.  What I know for sure is that we absolutely get what we think about.  The universe must give us what we think about and looking at it 100’s of times a day will ensure that it happens. Tip #6 is to write it down.
And last but certainly not least….


You must take action.  You must get moving and do the things necessary to get your goal.  Lay out some action steps that will help you reach your goal and start moving.  No matter if you are tired, or you don’t feel like it today, or something more important came up.  Your action steps need to be at the top of your list and procrastination is not an option. Tip #7 is to move and move again.
You can accomplish any goal you desire you just have to get in a state of gratitude, be clear about what you want, have a big enough “Why”, create accountability around you, write it down, and start moving!  Oh and the most important factor along the way is to HAVE FUN.  So here’s to getting our goals and having some fun in the year to come and beyond!
~Dori J. Locke


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