Fred Johnson Inspires the Principia 2010 Participants with his Voice!

Each year at Principia I look forward to the beginning of a session.  The energy and excitement is building as we are standing outside the doors… just waiting to get inside and spend a few hours with a great teacher, speaker, or to be engaged in some type of lesson.  However, before each session begins there is always dancing and connecting with other Principia participants.  It is a fun filled, high energy, four or five minutes and then the session begins.
Well this year we were treated to a different type of experience leading us into each session.  This year we had a song from Fred Johnson – we got to use our voices.  It is like nothing else I have ever experienced.  Each time the doors would open and we would take our seats…we would sing or hum a song.  This song would be something that would just “come through Fred”.  It was a message about what we experienced from the previous session or about the day in general.  It would set the vibration and the tone.  It allowed us to feel connected and extremely present.  He was a blessing for this week of inspiration!
I had an opportunity to sit with Fred at The Casa one morning and talk to him about what it was like to be at Principia 2010.  You can listen to Fred in his own words (and song of course) talk about his experience and what he brought to the week.  I left this Principia inspired to use my voice and thinking, “How different could life be if we opened our mouths and sang a little song every once in a while?”
Dori Locke – Principia 2010


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