5 Characteristics of Leaders

There are many defining characteristics of leaders. As leaders can take many forms, from a business executive leading her company to a father leading his family to an individual passionate about raising awareness on a topic of social concern, you will see these traits exhibited in a variety if ways and to various degrees. What remains common, however, is that when called forth, every leader displays these qualities.
Definite Goal or Cause All leaders have a definite goal or cause which they support. They see this goal as bigger than themselves and commit their lives to fulfilling it.
Self-Confidence Self-confidence refers to feelings about own powers and abilities. Leaders have trust in their abilities.
Enthusiasm Enthusiasm is an attitude and feeling about life. Enthusiastic people display strong, positive, excited feelings.
Persistence The ability to stay on course despite opposition or failure is known as persistence. Leaders persist until their definite goal or cause is achieved.
Creativity & Imagination Everyone faces challenges. Leaders use creativity and imaginative thinking to overcome these challenges and prevail.
How are you displaying these qualities in your life?
Typically, the more pronounced these traits are, the more successful a person is as a leader. Look to your results to see where you can improve and take the lead in your life!


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