Adjusting Your Attitude Toward Fear

Where there is change, there is fear. Since change is ever-present, it is imperative to know how to effectively face that so that you can continue to move forward and grow. With each change comes a choice; will you choose to see change as an opportunity or as a threat? During a powerful PSI Teleseminar, Basic facilitator, Tim O’Kelly, offered valuable insight on how you can shift your attitude about change and greet far as an old friend.
In the Basic Seminar, students get to experience how thoughts or beliefs dictate feelings, which in turn affect behavior. It is truly your thinking that influences every aspect of your life. Albert Einstein asserted that “the most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe”. What he meant by this is that whatever you believe dictates your reality. If you believe the world is hostile, you will take actions to protect yourself. You will not take risk and may not trust others. If you believe the world is friendly, you know we will be supported in your ventures, that it’s safe to trust people, and that the occurrences in your life are happening for a reason.
Making the change from “things happen to me” to “things happen for me” is a major paradigm shift that has the power to transform the way in which you experience the world, and thereby transform your results. By adopting this attitude, you can start to see that the people in your life are there for you, not against you; the situations once perceived as obstacles instead become building blocks; and change becomes viewed as opportunity rather than threat. It all starts with your beliefs, your thoughts.
In making this one shift, you allow so much more good to enter your life. In a friendly universe, there is little reason for fear. The fear that once reared its ugly head at the onset of change can now be met with a simple acknowledgement and “no, thank you”. While fear may always accompany change, it need not be the reason you cease the pursuit of any worthy goal. The greatest news of all is that it doesn’t take anything more to change your thoughts than a choice.
Which reality will you choose?


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