2 Simple Ways to Have More Energy and Less Stress at Work

Work can often be associated with negative images of stress, tension, multitasking, and deadlines.  Since we spend so much of our day on the job, why not transform the space into a workplace that looks good, feels good, and is empowering to whomever enters it?
First, organize your desk top.  Clutter creates stagnation, reduces your effectiveness, and leaves you feeling lethargic and confused.  First thing each morning and at the end of each day, make sure your desk top is clutter free.
Another tip is check your posture.  While sitting for long periods of time, you may find your posture and mood in a slump. These 7 steps on improving your posture will relieve your aching muscles and lift your spirits in seconds:

  1. Sit toward the front of your chair, away from the back support.
  2. Straighten your back and tuck your chin.
  3. Your arms and shoulders should be kept as relaxed as possible.  Feel your shoulders sink lower as you breathe.
  4. Interlace your fingers and rest them on your belly.
  5. Inhale slowly and steadily through your nose; exhale at the same rate.
  6. Make no attempt to rush your breathing.  Try in a relaxed manner to increase the volume and length of each breath.
  7. Keep your eyes relaxed, unfocused, and (preferably) open.  Feel the powerful chi flowing through your body.

And remember the Office Feng Shui mantra: To clear your mind, clear your workspace.


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