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Nov 9 - 10, 2024


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This two-day workshop is for young people, ages 8 to 14, who have completed either the Basic for Kids or the adult PSI Basic Seminar. In this class, students are given multiple opportunities to practice and experience the concepts and techniques that they learned in the Basic.

One major focus of this workshop is to lead the students to the realization of their “personal power”. Resisting peer pressure and being true to one’s values are issues that challenge youths in this age group daily. The students are coached by adult leaders, in processes involving creating a life vision, setting goals and dealing with obstacles and setbacks.

Another major emphasis in this class is clear, responsible communication. Peers and coaches provide positive feedback after each activity or exercise. Students learn how to identify and express their feelings and ideas responsibly. There is a communication exercise involving the students and their parents that could be a benchmark for all involved in it.

There are large group events, small group activities, and “buddy” exercises that develop and enhance leadership & communication skills. Students participate in a service project. (Parents are encouraged to join the class for this event.) During two creativity exercises, students make an affirmation t-shirt and a vision “treasure map”.

The experiences of the Youth Leadership Workshop often result in the students gaining more confidence, higher self-esteem and more open, honest communication with peers and family members. In addition, they gain a better awareness of how they can make positive contributions to others…that they make a difference.

This powerful workshop equips its participants with tools and skills that will allow them to be leaders of themselves, within their families, their schools and among their peers. It is truly a weekend of self-discovery and empowerment!

  • Registration:
  • Tuition: $250.00 USD
  • Prerequisite:

    Parent Meeting June 23rd

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