Video from Renee Cermak

A Sneak Preview of PSI Life Hack #3

Get all 8 Life Hacks.  Join Renee on June 8 at 1:00 pm PDT


8 Life Hacks to Empower You and Your Life

Whether you’re seeking personal growth or simply looking for effective strategies to navigate life’s challenges, this online event will be an insightful and engaging experience, packed with practical advice and actionable life hacks.

Unleashing Your Potential: Discover the skill of self-enrollment and its profound impact on achieving your goals.Rewriting Your Inner Dialogue: Explore the power of positively interfering with your self-dialogue, limiting beliefs, and unhelpful habits.Choosing Long-Term Benefits: Uncover the art of making (sometimes difficult) choices that serve your long-term well-being.Embracing Infinite Possibilities: Embrace the concept of relinquishing “your way” and opening up to countless alternatives.Preserving Your Power: Learn effective strategies to avoid being easily influenced or provoked by others.

Plus three more Life Hacks… and an opportunity to hear about the PSI Basic Seminar and get a sense of what’s possible when you live a life by design.

You’re Invited to Attend!

Please join us for 8 Life Hacks with Renee Cermak

A Virtual Live Workshop on Thursday, June 8 at 1:00pm PDT


Who Should Attend? 

For graduates of the PSI Basic Seminar and the special people in their communities and their lives.

This special lunchtime workshop is for: 

Individuals who are curious about personal growth.People interested in shaping the course of their lives.People who like what they’ve heard from their friends about PSI programs and would like to learn more.  Individuals who would like some actionable take-aways and insights for improving their daily life.PSI participants who would like to expand their ability to share about the power of PSI programs.PSI participants who would like a refreshed connection to the PSI principles. RESERVE YOUR SPOT

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