When is the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago… When is the next-best time? NOW!

And so it is with your prosperity tree… No more putting off your wealth building… your time is now.

In this one day micro-course, you will learn…

Building wealth can be complicated and sometimes even feel overwhelming… which explains why so few ever achieve the liberty they desire.

There are no secrets of the rich and no magic pills… just a proven, scientific, step-by-step roadmap for your wealth building journey.

Tuition: $99.00 USD

Location: Online via Zoom

About the Instructor

Renee Cermak

Renee is a bestselling author, speaker, coach and facilitator. She is a woman on a mission to improve the lives of individuals through her coaching regarding the power of high self-esteem. Renee lives by the mantra that she who is most certain wins and is a catalyst for lifelong change in people’s lives through her dynamic, no bull-shit coaching methods. She is tenacious and supportive, and creates results by positively interfering with people’s belief systems, habits and self-esteem.

For over 20 years, Renee has been focused on personal growth – both in her own and thousands of other people’s lives. She is committed to leading by example through her work and, most importantly, actually doing the hard work to improve her own self-esteem and her own results. In her bestselling book, How to Be Your Biggest Fan, Renee emphasizes the power of making self-esteem your #1 priority, as well as providing tools and techniques that can be used daily to create permanent, life-altering results NOW.