PSI Leadership Seminars

Creating leaders empowered by their wholeness and committed to living their vision by actively contributing to the world!
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What principles would you stake your life on?

Do you have the courage to live by those principles?

Whether you’re a high powered executive, a mid-level manager, a young adult starting a career, a stay-at-home parent, or a student, the Leadership Seminars will challenge you…

I’m going to get an opportunity to learn what’s working and what’s not working, for me.


Uncover Your True Greatness

You will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover who you really are and uncover your true greatness. You will learn what it takes to be empowered, and what may be stopping you from becoming the man or woman you truly want to be. Explore the depths of strength, passion and massive abilities you have at your disposal at all times.

What the world needs right now is more feminine leaders.

PSI Leadership Seminars

You are here for a purpose...
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Commitment to Your Vision

What is the legacy you are committed to?

Get 100% clear on your vision – what do you stand for and what is the difference you are going to make on this planet?

Create internal alignment so you are congruent and living from true choice vs I have to or I should. Stand in the power of “I choose”

I realized I had the power and the strength to take a stand for women…I realized my vision.



YOU Make a Difference!

Everything you contribute makes a difference – we are always contributing, the question is what are you contributing?

Operate from a place of partnership instead of competition.

I learned so much about myself and how I am contributing to the world around me.

PSI Leadership Seminars

Experience the power of being grounded in your vision
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Achieve More Balance in Your Life

Become fully empowered capable of greatness at any moment. By establishing your true vision – for yourself and your world – you will learn to celebrate your femininity and masculinity in its entirety and come into balance with those around you. You will walk away from these incredible nine days grounded in knowing your true capabilities and potential. Along the way, you will be connected to a community of powerful leaders that redefines the meaning of support, cooperation, success and camaraderie.

How I want to show up as a father, as a husband, as a son…I use the tools from MLS every day to keep improving myself and my relationships.



Who is the man/woman you have been searching for your entire life?

Experience the power of authentic self expression as you bring all of who you are into aligned beingness. 

Embrace your wholeness to create balance within yourself.

Women’s Leadership was absolutely one of the most powerful and empowering events I’ve ever done in my life… I found me.

PSI Leadership Seminars

Embrace your wholeness and create internal balance
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Empowering Environment of Honesty

The Leadership Seminar examines and challenges the fundamental principles by which you live. Rather than accepting traditional male and female stereotypes – or rebelling against them – you will be challenged to think for yourself in an empowering environment of honesty. Your reward in this powerful seminar is clarity and authenticity, and full ownership of your life as you define it.

Women’s Leadership Seminar really helped me step into my feminine power…I was able to finally get aligned with my purpose.


Inspire Others to Action

Working alongside other teams, you’ll bring forth a natural ability to inspire and motivate others to action, and communicate ideas more clearly and powerfully.

Blending intellectual and physical activities in indoor and outdoor settings, you’ll be faced with obstacles and challenges that at first seem impossible to overcome. In the end, you will be a winner with a clear and compelling vision of who you are.

Going to MLS… helped me become more confident – being a man of integrity… I’ve seen such a growth in myself.

PSI Leadership Seminars

What is the difference you are going to make on this planet?
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