Advanced Courses

Focusing on action and results.

Although intense and powerful experiences, seminars sometimes are difficult to transfer to everyday life. After a few weeks or months, the experience may have become a memory of something we did, rather than an integral part of a transformed life. This is why PSI created the Pacesetter's Leadership Dynamics (PLD), a program for turning new behaviors into lifelong habits. PLD is organized to support you in continuing to grow in your life. Because it takes place over at least 90 days, PLD provides a structure for putting into practice, on a day-to-day basis, everything you've learned in the Basic, Life Success and Leadership seminars.


PLD is a powerful arena for making a positive difference in the lives of others. The focus of PLD is on contribution, on "giving" without the expectation of personal gain. It's an environment in which the fundamental principles of the PSI seminars are translated into actions which directly benefit your community. In the company of other committed men and women, we experience the powerful, energizing effect of living life dedicated to a higher purpose.


You will enjoy the benefits of having a coach hold you accountable to what matters most to you and the goals you will set at the beginning of PLD. You won't act alone. You will be part of a team. Collectively, your team will "work out" with the major concepts of the Basic during weekly team meetings and on three specially designed PLD weekends. Only PLDers are offered the opportunity to participate in these activities.

PLD is a unique journey shared with men and women who, like yourself, are engaged in an ongoing process of discovery and breakthrough. It's the most demanding and most rewarding 90 days you'll ever spend.

Please contact your local city office for PLD tuition and schedules.