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Over the years our proprietary exceptional training and coaching techniques have allowed PSI to manifest continued success by creating, discovering, and cultivating brilliant and exciting instructors to facilitate our courses.

In fact the success of our company stems from several secrets that have been carefully guarded over the last four decades by PSI Seminars, and previously never disclosed to anyone except the instructors.

We call these the "Whys" and they are the tricks of the trade that have allowed our company to grow to over 500,000 graduates worldwide.

Up till now, PSI has vehemently guarded these secrets and techniques. They are precious and integral to the very core of facilitation.

After very high demand from our graduates, and the constant vision of Jane C. Willhite, PSI Seminars has decided to offer the train the trainer workshop taught personally by Jane Willhite.

Welcome to your progression in personal growth, the paramount next level course.....


During the course you will experience total immersion into the trainer mindset.

Without giving away too much, here are several tidbits of what you can expect at this dynamic training event.

  • Our professional training experts will teach you the inner mindset you need to speak. This overarching philosophy will give you confidence whenever you're presenting.
  • Become a personal presentation professional. We define and break down exactly what's needed to engineer and execute a masterful presentation.
  • Learn the nuts and bolts of any successful presentation. There are key patterns and actions that professional speakers understand and use to create a successful presentation. By thoroughly understanding these secrets, you will maximize your presenting abilities.

You will know what the trainers know and will be given the sharpening stone to have razor-edge trainer skills.


Consistent with PSI's experientially taught seminars, Front and Center will be a fully experiential course. While everyone will have the opportunity to get on stage, we begin in small groups where we use mini-communications exercises and speaking games to instruct and teach.

By learning Icebreakers, Energizers, and Activities, this segment introduces 20 proven "training games" and how to use them for maximum impact to keep learning fresh and energetic.

By creating presentations and participating in speaking exercises, we have built a curriculum that's designed to immerse you in speaking. By the end of the class, any fear in front of a group or audience will dissipate, replaced by the confidence to speak in front of mass audiences, and reinforced with the actual experience of speaking.


No matter how good or important a message, if it's not delivered in an interesting and effective way, chances are it won't be heard at all. Strong presentation skills can advance a career. Poor speaking skills can ground a rising star. In Front and Center, participants will learn how to conquer the podium and deliver presentations that get results. From dynamic introductions to powerful closings, participants will have an opportunity during this seminar to practice and refine their platform skills.


At this program's conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the four essential components of a presentation.
  • Describe an audience analysis and why it is a needed step in a presentation.
  • Organize information in a clear and concise manner.
  • Create an attention grabbing introduction.
  • Implement techniques for varying vocal tones and body language.
  • Develop strategies for handling hecklers, bullies, and other disruptive participants.
  • Point out the benefits and pitfalls of various visual aid options and audience seating arrangements.
  • Begin implementing goals created during the session.

The following outline highlights some of the course's key learning points:

  • Learn how to get in front of an audience without fear.
  • Learn how to execute successful speaking strategies in real time.
  • Learn how to influence others to take immediate action.
  • Have you ever wondered how some people are MASTER enrollers? It's a learned skill set you can master.
  • Learn to become confident, certain, and decisive under pressure.
  • Do you want to develop and create a presence that influences others without ever saying a word?
  • Discover the trainer within you to uncover the REAL conversation so you can get results.
  • Learn the secret theory of congruence.
  • Understand what your subconscious communication is really communicating to your audience.
  • Hone your professional persona to charismatically lead any peer group.
  • Learn the five secrets to discipline- you will give yourself a command and follow it.
  • Understand the mindset of the trainer so you can perform under pressure to succeed every time.
  • Find out why some people have excellence in extraordinary communication while others never really attain greatness.
  • Bust open the trainers tool chest where you will discover the answers to identifying your inner speaker story- this story runs through every great speaker.
  • Understand how to convey your personal legend adding to your irresistible presence.
  • Learn how to harness and master the art of dominate charisma.
  • Learn how to use strategic honesty to dissipate early hesitance in your listeners personalizing you to the group.
  • Learn how to think like and attract the big players- you will get them on your team.
  • Learn how to use the trainers philosophy in your daily life to practice your skills without an audience.
  • Learn five everyday exercises to communication mastery.
  • Learn to Dress for Success- we mean it. Every first impression is a chance to make or break your future.
  • Learn what your personal style is conveying so you know every time what your style is saying.
  • Learn the truest essence of being in front of the room by doing it live. Learn the one secret every trainer or presenter uses to over come stage fright- it works every time.
  • Once you've mastered the mindset, and progressed through the philosophy and exercises needed, it's time to get on stage.

Jane Willhite always talks about the idea that a person should have a good finish, this course is just that. By using the PSI philosophy in life your ability to create a life of liberty can be realized. However, implementing the skills of a trainer has proven to be one of, if not the most lucrative, tools to possess for financial liberty.

Prerequisites: Must be a Leadership Seminar graduate

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Tuition: $1995

Dates and Times:

November 18th - 20th 2016

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