Advanced Courses

Our greatest gift.

The Basic for Kids is a two-day course for boys and girls between 5 and 12. To participate in the Basic for Kids, both parents or guardians (or one parent or guardian with full custody) of any child must have completed the PSI Basic seminar.

In this seminar, children learn first and foremost what it means to be responsible, without giving up their natural spontaneity, playfulness, and sheer joy in being alive. In a lively atmosphere that keeps them involved and interested, kids practice making choices and dealing with the consequences of what they have chosen. In the process, they are free to let go of manipulative behavior patterns such as sulking, whining, or bullying.

The Basic for Kids recognizes that every child is unique and special. Shy, passive children may need support in speaking up for themselves, asking for what they want, or overcoming fears. Aggressive, highly active kids may need to learn or listen, to slow down or reflect. The seminar is structured so that each child receives encouragement in becoming more aware, and developing those parts of themselves which will make them more confident and effective.

Between 5 and 12, many children develop negative, limiting beliefs about themselves. This can sap their self-esteem and chance for a successful life. In an environment of love and support, kids reaffirm that it's okay to be themselves, and that they are valuable and deserving just the way they are.

The Basic For Kids gives our children a better chance to be successful, contributing members of society no matter what circumstances life may bring.

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