About PSI

Education for life.

PSI is a company with a dream...a dream of a more cooperative and harmonious world where people are empowered to realize a life of liberty, purpose and passion.

In 1973, PSI was created to spread the personal success principles that had brought the founders Thomas Willhite, and Jane Willhite so much liberty in their lives.

In 1983, Thomas Willhite died in a plane crash when his bi-plane went down at the company headquarters. Since that time his wife, Jane C. Willhite, has run the company as CEO and is responsible for its current growth and success. Immensely effective since the 1970s, PSI continues more than three decades later to chart a course of expansion for this unique educational company.

Programs are held in many locations in the U.S., Canada, Japan and Indonesia with 12 PSI offices in major cities throughout North America and many more to come.